February 2011 Issue
February 08, 2011


Source: NYSUT United

Ellen Kimmel, Nanuet School-Related Professionals, won $38,600 as a two-time champion on Jeopardy!, the long-running TV quiz show, in late December. Not surprisingly, the veteran school nurse topped her opponents in the "Medical Abbreviations" category, where only she knew what "NSAID" stands for.

Michael Fabricant, Professional Staff Congress, has written Organizing for Educational Justice, about the Community Collaborative to Improve District 9 a campaign for public school reform in the South Bronx. The book is available at locations that include Amazon.com.

Laura Bellinger, Fonda-Fultonville Teachers Association, has won a $7,500 grant from the Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation for "innovative efforts to help young people understand the function and benefits of America's private enterprise system."

Bellinger's application described her Ventures in Entrepreneurship class in which high school students run a bakery two days a week, learn about business ownership, write a business action plan and hold formal board meetings. Students leave at the end of the year with one high school credit, a business plan and a paycheck. A first-time grant winner, Bellinger is a member of NYSUT's Subject Area Committee for Career and Technical Education.

Go to http://www.nysut.org:80/cps/rde/xchg/nysut/hs.xsl/newyorkteacher_14121.htm to learn how easy it can be to win a grant.