March 2011 Issue
February 23, 2011

Amplifying the message

Source: NYSUT United

NYSUT has launched a major multimedia campaign to say that investing in public education — not tax breaks for millionaires — is an essential priority for New York state.

The campaign employs virtually every medium available.

  • NYSUT will be on TV and the Web with a poignant spot that makes clear the choices facing New York state. The ad will also be on the Web and promoted via social networking. To find out right away what the children are reacting to, go to
  • Print ads and a massive postcard campaign provide the facts on budget cuts and dispel the myth that New York is 34th in education results. Cut out the "Don't Erase Our Progress" ad on the back page of this issue and share it. Ask your local president for the special "Don't Erase Our Progress" postcard to send to your legislator
  • Find us on Facebook and link to NYSUT videos. (There's a weekly prize giveaway on our Facebook Page!) Share the link with friends and neighbors at
  • A website, created in partnership with a community coalition, that uses satire to underscore the sobering vision of what an ill-conceived tax cap would really mean: — and Facebook page —
  • Always check for more.