November 2011 Issue
October 27, 2011

Freebies: Don't Laugh At Me

Source: NYSUT United

Don't Laugh At Me

Visit and click on "Sign up for a Free DLAM packet" to register and order a copy of the Don't Laugh At Me program of your choice which will be delivered free of charge courtesy of the McGraw-Hill Companies. Through music, video and classroom activities, the programs help sensitize children to the painful effects of behaviors that too often are accepted as necessary rites of passage in childhood — ridicule, disrespect, ostracism and bullying.

CNN Student News

CNN Student News provides a cost-free and commercial-free news program for middle, high school and college students around the world, along with free teacher materials. The program airs each weekday during the school year. The newscast is streamed on, and it is available as a free downloadable video podcast on, and on iTunes in addition to airing on HLN Monday through Friday at 4 a.m.

ESL support

A growing website for English-as-a-Second Language teachers offers several resources, including free flashcards, worksheets, games and songs. The site also features tools to build your own printable worksheets. For more info, visit
Make the healthy choice

Right Decisions, Right Now offers a free smoking prevention program for educators. Be Tobacco Free is an evidence-based educational program designed to prevent young people in grades 5 – 9 from using tobacco in any form, including cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. The kit includes a parent handout, sample lesson plans, posters and more. To order your kit, visit

Measure up offers educators a free set of 6-inch wooden rulers. The site also offers students an opportunity to enter to win graphing calculators and other school supplies.

Know your greens

The National Leafy Greens Council offers free materials for educators, including lesson plans, book covers, trading cards, brochures and posters, Visit for more information.

The "Freebies" column offers free opportunities for you and your students. We do not screen the products for subtle or not-so-subtle plugs.