November 2011 Issue
October 26, 2011

Spending your money on students? Let us know

Source: NYSUT United

We've been tracking members' out-of-pocket spending on school supplies, other classroom materials and non-school related items. The latest numbers from our Facebook poll: cumulatively, members reported spending between $8,425-$12,950 in September.

Sue Carforo, a middle school special education teacher and member of the BOCES Teachers Association of Westchester #2, checked in via email: "I average $300 a month for supplies for my class that is not reimbursed. I buy ink, markers, rewards for behaviors, general classroom materials, classroom decorations, CDs, DVDs, books, shelves, lunch/breakfast and clothes. I have tried to draw the line on paper, but I end up buying it many times."

Check out our Facebook page, to answer this question: How much did you spend out-of-pocket in October? (Or, email your monthly expenditures to at the end of each month. Write "out-of-pocket" in the subject line.)