November 2011 Issue
October 25, 2011

Support your communities: Vote on Nov. 8!

Author: Betsy Sandberg
Source: NYSUT United

All politics is local.

Candidates often take that to mean they need to take care of their own neighborhoods.

Union voters, in turn, are encouraged to take care of their union-endorsed candidates on Nov. 8. NYSUT urges all members to check with their local union or labor council for endorsements in local races.

"As so many working families rely on local services, it is increasingly important that we support those who support public services," NYSUT President Dick Iannuzzi said.

This election is the first chance voters will have to pull a lever since state lawmakers passed an irresponsible tax cap in June. Its impact is already being felt. A number of municipalities are putting forward budgets below the 2 percent tax cap; some have passed local laws that will allow their town or village to exceed the cap.

Last winter and spring, tens of thousands showed up at rallies to oppose the tax cap or cuts to education. While those actions are important for getting out the pro-working family message, perhaps the most important comes Nov. 8.

"Be there when it comes time to vote," Iannuzzi said. "Demonstrations are one way to make your voice heard; the ballot box is the final arbiter."

Go to to check your voter registration status and to find out where to vote Nov. 8.