October 2011 Issue
September 20, 2011

NLRB rule on workers' rights gets challenged

Source: NYSUT United

A new ruling by the National Labor Relations Board that ensures private sector employees will be informed of their rights to unionize is getting pushback.

The National Association of Manufacturers has filed suit to try and stop the regulations that require companies to display a poster that lets workers know about their rights under the National Labor Relations Act. Meanwhile, a bill has been introduced in Congress that would reverse the ruling.

"Just as employers are required to notify their employees of their rights around health and safety, wages and discrimination on the job, this rule gives clear information to employees about their rights under this fundamental labor law so that workers are better equipped to exercise and enforce them," said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. NYSUT is affiliated with the national labor union.

The notice will provide a list of employee's rights under the NLRA, including their right to act together to improve wages and working conditions; to form, join and assist a union; to bargain collectively with their employer; and to choose not to do any of these activities. It also provides examples of unlawful employer and union conduct.