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August 30, 2011

'See a Bully, Stop a Bully' conference Nov. 14 in Albany

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If you see a bully, stop a bully - that's the message behind a November anti-bullying conference hosted in Albany by NYSUT, and sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers.

The day-long event will raise awareness of bullying and help participants learn to better address it.

Anti-bullying activist Jamie Nabozny will be the keynote speaker. Nabozny, who was bullied throughout school for being gay, won a federal lawsuit establishing that all students deserve a safe educational experience. His story is the subject of "Bullied," a short documentary produced by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Open to teachers, administrators and parents throughout the Northeast, "See a Bully, Stop a Bully: Make a Difference," takes place Monday, Nov. 14 at the Desmond Hotel and Conference Center. Workshops include cyber bullying and sexting, addressing bias in the classroom and bullying prevention and intervention. The conference is one in a series of programs sponsored nationwide through the AFT's anti-bullying campaign of the same name. The conference also continues NYSUT's efforts to ensure safe schools and classrooms for all students and educators.



The cost of the conference is $75. To help keep costs low, we ask that each person be responsible for her/his own payment (this information will be gathered on the "submit" section of registration). Individuals can apply to their affiliate organizations for reimbursement if that is agreed upon with the affiliate. You can print a receipt to submit for reimbursement at the end of this registration process. We thank you for your cooperation.


If housing is required, please click the link to access the hotel's website. Or you may call the Desmond Hotel and Conference Center directly at 518-869-8100. A block of rooms has been reserved at a discounted rate of $125.00 plus tax. Reservations must be received by the hotel by October 23. Participants are responsible for paying their own housing.

Conference Agenda

  • 8:30 - 9:30 am: Registration, Information tables area open
  • 9:30 am: Welcome and opening message
  • 9:45 am Film: Bullied, featuring Jamie Nabozny. "Throughout my Middle School and High School years I was verbally and physically bullied for being gay. With the help of Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund I fought back. I won a landmark federal lawsuit against my school administrators for failing to stop the harassment. I now speak out for the millions of kids bullied in our schools everyday. I share my story and consult with schools to make sure what happened to me is never repeated." - From Mr. Nabozny's web site
  • 10:30 am: Remarks from Jamie Nabozny
  • 11:15 am: Break
  • 11:30-1:00 pm: Workshop Session 1
  • 1:00 - 2:00 pm: Lunch and Networking
  • 2:00-3:30 pm: Workshop Session 2
  • 3:30 pm: Plenary session and greetings from Dick Iannuzzi, NYSUT President
  • 4:30 pm: Adjournment


SESSION 1: Workshops 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

  • Bullying and You - Bullying 101. Presenter: Phil Johnson. This interactive session will introduce the topics of bullying, who is involved, its impacts, and its connection with sexual harassment. We'll review the importance of Federal and state laws and policies affecting educators. And, critical anti-bullying prevention and intervention activities and strategies will be modeled. NEA anti-bullying campaign resources will be shared.
  • Reducing Bullying & Disruptive Behavior /Support School Climate. Presenters: Carol Blank and staff from Utterly Global. Disruptive behavior fosters a climate of fear and disrespect that can seriously impair the physical and psychological health of all students and create conditions that negatively affect learning, thereby undermining the ability of all students to reach their full potential. This workshop will examine the causes and present strategies for preventing and managing disruptive, non-compliant, defiant and bullying behavior.
  • Cyber-Bullying and Sexting. Presenters: Jay Worona, Esq. & James A. Murphy III. What is it, how to recognize signs that it's occurring, intervention strategies, and legal implications.
  • Understanding and Intervening with Children who Bully. Presenter: Amanda B. Nickerson, PhD, University of Buffalo. This workshop will provide an overview of the issues that surround bullying behavior. Practical intervention and prevention strategies will be discussed.
  • Understanding and Addressing Bullying. Presenters: Members of the Anti-Defamation League A World of Difference Institute. Bullying is often motivated by bias, and some of the most serious cases of bullying that occur in schools are the result of bias based on sexual orientation, race, and religion. Even when bullying is not the direct outgrowth of identity-based bias, the same imbalance of power and targeting behavior can often be seen, and some of the same skills can be applies to address it. This workshop will begin to explore some of the biases that often underlie bullying, and will begin to explore ideas for intervention and prevention.
  • Walking the Talk: Strategies to Address Bias in the Classroom and Beyond. Presenter: Diane B. Gonzalez. Examines various approaches that raise awareness of bias, offers tools for dealing with cases of biased behavior and violence and empowers students to be advocates for change, especially around GLBT-related bias.

SESSION 2 Workshops 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

  • Presentation for Parents about Bullying: What You Need To Know. Presenters: Carol Blank and staff from Utterly Global. Parents are often the last to know their child may be a victim of bullying behavior. This presentation is designed to alert parents to the signs their child may be a target or victim of bullying or cyber-bullying. Topics covered include: how to talk to and support your child, work with your school, current research and findings on bullying, and protective strategies. There will be time for questions and answers. Participants will receive hand-outs and a list of resources on bullying.
  • Walking the Talk: Strategies to Address Bias. Presenter: Diane B. Gonzalez. Examines various approaches that raise awareness of bias, offers tools for dealing with cases of biased behavior and violence and empowers students to be advocates for change, especially around GLBT-related bias. (repeat of first session workshop)
  • Empowering Bystanders: Lessons from the OLWEUS Program. Presenter: Kim McLaughlin, MS Ed, C.A.S., MCHES, OLWEUS Program (a research-based bullying intervention program with years of experience). Engaging bystanders is a key strategy to prevent bullying. This session will include interactive discussion and role play will address the roles bystanders can play, obstacles to bystander engagement, strategies to overcome those obstacles, and resources.
  • Bullying & You - Bullying 102. Presenter: Phil Johnson. Participants in this interactive session will learn about bullying, cyberbullying and sexting. Attention will be paid to relevant internet use policies. Participants will also practice anti-bullying prevention and intervention strategies to implement at their school site. NEA anti-bullying campaign resources will be shared.
  • The Truth About Bullying and Suicide. Presenter: Pat Breux. Our current understanding about the links between bullying and suicide will discussed. Learn signs that a student may be struggling with psychological distress and strategies to intervene before an attempt. Some best practice prevention tools and strategies will be explored and information about how to access them will be provided
  • Legal & Administrative Issues for Schools and Schools Districts. Presenters: Linda Bakst. Is your school at risk of legal action because of a lack of protection against bullying? Examine the legal issues involved and plan to take positive action to prevent bullying. For New York State schools: learn about DASA (The Dignity for All Students Act) and what it requires of the educational community

Space is limited. Please book early to avoid disappointment.


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