December 2012 Issue
November 26, 2012


Source: NYSUT United

In print

Dave Gardner, Solvay TA, wrote The Commandments of Lacrosse, a book featuring 50 rules to follow to become a better teammate and lacrosse player. For more information, visit

Nancy Schniedewind, UUP New Paltz, and Mara Sapon-Shevin authored Educational Courage: Resisting the Ambush of Public Education. Described as a "collection of empowering stories bringing together the voices of teachers, parents, and educational activists," the book is published by Beacon Press. Visit

Kate Winter, UUP University at Albany retired, has published Lost Twain: A Novel of Hawai'i. The historical fiction is based on a period in 1866 when Samuel Clemens was lost on the island of Maui for six weeks. The book pieces together what really happened. For more information, visit

Elaine Wolf, United Teachers of Island Trees retiree, wrote Danny's Mom, an adult novel about a grief-stricken mother who launches a campaign against bullying in the high school in which she works as a guidance counselor. For more info, visit or

Joe Zarzynski, RC 10, and Peter Pepe recently published Documentary Filmmaking for Archaeologists. The book offers a step-by-step description of the process of making a documentary — everything from initial pitches to production companies to final cuts in the editing. Other topics include guidance on establishing budgets, writing scripts and other tasks required to produce and distribute a film. For more info, visit