January 2012 Issue
December 21, 2011

Did you know?: Union membership brings benefits beyond a good contract

Source: NYSUT United
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Many people know that a union helps negotiate contracts. Many more bread-and-butter issues are handled by unions, too.

NYSUT, your parent union, helps to safeguard workers' rights, providing union representation and, in some cases, legal representation for work-related problems.

NYSUT advocates for workers' health and safety on the job through its own health and safety specialist and advocacy with state and federal organizations.

The statewide union also provides leadership development and practical, professional information, such as tracking and informing members about new testing requirements, becoming National Board Certified, or using electronic reporting in the health care field.

NYSUT also can assist members in dealing with problems such as sickness or financial distress. These services are offered to individuals, through conferences and workshops, or to local unions. [View full page]

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