July-August 2012 Issue
June 29, 2012

Freebies: YOU can teach kids about fire safety

Source: NYSUT United

Smokey Bear is still at it introducing a new generation of children to wildfire prevention — and you can help. Visit www.smokeybear.com/resources.asp to download a set of free teaching components, including a teacher's guide, activity book, posters and videos. The program is suitable for students in grades K-2.

You've got mail

Visit The Mailbox for a host of online resources, including tips on classroom behavior management, arts and crafts ideas, learning games and much more. Information is available at www.theeducationcenter.com/tec/afc/home/go.do.

Watch your garden grow

Burpee Home Gardens, www.burpeehomegardens.com/BurpeeHomeGardens/Gardening Guide.aspx, offers a free vegetable gardening guide that answers your questions on everything from what to grow, to how much and when. The site also includes a 55-page guide for educators on starting youth gardening programs via Burpee's “I Can Grow” initiative.

The Skype is the limit

Skype is joining forces with several organizations to bring experts into the classroom. Using its free online community and video calling platform, Skype is collaborating with Penguin Group, the New York Philharmonic, Science Museum in London, Peace One Day and Save the Children. For more information, or to register for the Skype in the classroom program, visit http://education.skype.com.

Download a few daydreams

Need more interactive activities for your whiteboard? Daydream Education offers free lessons to download on business studies, technology, English, music and math.

Visit www.daydreameducation.com/servlet/-strse-template/freeresourcecenter/Page.

The coolest science

The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry offers a website chock full of classroom and online activities. Some ideas: a lesson on Braille called “Read without seeing,” learn how to construct a worm farm and learn how to build a wind turbine. See more at www.msichicago.org.

News you really can use

PBS offers a robust news resource for students and educators. PBS Newshour Extra, www.pbs.org/newshour/extra, features daily video clips, news stories with suggested lesson plans and more. A category devoted to student voices offers student perspectives on a wide range of topics. In addition to domestic and world news, the site features a teacher center along with tabs for different subjects. All content is geared to students in grades 7-12.