July-August 2012 Issue
June 28, 2012

Short takes: Teacher Appreciation Day

Source: NYSUT United

Teacher Appreciation Day

Staples stores across the country will be celebrating teachers Aug. 18. The first 100 teachers at each location will receive a free gift bag filled with goodies and a bonus coupon to use at the event. Visit www.staples.com/sbd/cre/marketing/tad/ for more information.

Stock up with SmileMakers

SmileMakers, a Staples company, is offering major summer discounts to NYSUT members, including pencils at 50 percent off, stickers 30 percent off, and 25 percent off all other items. The offer includes free shipping on all orders of $25 or more and runs through Sept. 6.

For more information, or to order, check out www.smilemakers.com/, call 888-800-SMILE or fax 877-567-7645. Use promo code NEAMB.

Challenge your brain

Prepare your students for the first annual MASTERMIND® BrainTwister Challenge, beginning Oct. 1.

Pressman Toy Corporation, the country's third-largest game manufacturer, will distribute free games to up to 10,000 teachers nationwide and offer online activities that can help students develop reasoning skills. Students will be challenged to come up with their own games for the BrainTwister Challenge — puzzles, word problems or games with a solution or riddle.

Two first-place winners will receive $1,000 scholarships; three additional winners will each win $100 for receiving the highest score in each of three judging categories.

Ages 7 through 12 are eligible and can enter online at www.mastermind-education.com.