July-August 2012 Issue
June 27, 2012

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Source: NYSUT United

• I'm conflicted as a parent who's had concerns about some of my son's teachers, but as a teacher feel the need for that privacy. As we all know, the tests are not a clear indicator of teacher performance. However, with that said, I've never seen any test results and still have these concerns. Parents certainly don't need to be armed with test scores. Paying attention to your child and the classroom dynamic is enough of an indicator of the type of teacher he/she has. Parents having access to teacher evals is unnecessary.

— Andrea Merchant

• I certainly know how difficult it is to teach, especially today with all the "roles" a teacher has to play. Hang in there current teachers!!!

— Christine Persse Luton

• Education has never been about numbers ... someday the wheel will turn again and, hopefully, folks will remember that education is about people!

— Nancy Reycraft

• I can't tell you how much of my teacher time has been spent on creating strong common assessments which connect to my curriculum, matter to my students and give accurate and relevant student results — only to find that the "easy way out" of buying tests may be pushed at teachers. It's so disheartening to know all of our best practices may be swept away to promote the testing and school-for-profit culture/agenda.

— Sarah Bermingham Quinn

• Check out this blog about our school nurse!


— Dominick DiMartino

• Unair-conditioned school buses cart students to unair-conditioned schools. Clearly, the most basic issues are being ignored. New tractor trailers have A/C as do many cranes and backhoes (as they should). Apparently, students and teachers are our nation's second class citizens.

— Ed Komperda