March 2012 Issue
February 21, 2012

Ideas for class trips from Facebook fans

Source: NYSUT United

We asked our Facebook fans to share the imaginative ways they've been able to take students on field trips despite budget cuts. Here are some examples of what our fans had to say. Add your comment by visiting

We've had a lot of programs in our classroom through BOCES Center for Environmental Education. We've also visited (via videoconference) the Lee Richardson Zoo through CILC. Second-graders love our "virtual" field trips! — Joann Wyrostek Brinn

I took my Spanish 2 classes (ninth grade) to the local airport during our travel unit. They have a community education program and my students were able to go behind the scenes with TSA and even out on the tarmac. All it cost was the gas for the bus. — Lynne Meghan

We're lucky to have the school only about 5-6 blocks away from the public library. I get library card forms for all the kids in the class who don't have one yet and send them home. Then a week or so before we go, I take the forms to the library so on the day of the field trip they get their brand new cards (or use the ones they already have) to take out books. The children's librarian reads a story and introduces everyone to the library features and choices. No bus, no cost, a chance to promote literacy. — Mindi Shelow

We used Skype to "visit" a classroom in Maine. The kids LOVED it and learned a lot about their community. It didn't cost a thing and we didn't need to leave the classroom. So cool! — Michele Hammond