March 2012 Issue
February 23, 2012

NYSUT United on Facebook

Source: NYSUT United

From the elections, to the economy, to teacher evaluations, there's a discussion going on at NYSUT United's Facebook page. Join in at

• 600,000 NYSUT members + 1 supportive relative = 1.2 million votes. NYSUT members + 2 supportive relatives = 1.8 million votes. NYSUT members + 2 supportive relatives + 3 supportive community members/parents = 3,600,000 votes...DON'T STOP FIGHTING!

— Gail DeBonis Richmond

• I want to express my deep appreciation for my local, the Yonkers Federation of Teachers, for having my back ... My belief in the importance of unions has been strengthened and deepened because of your dedication to the rights of educators

— Marc Pekowsky

• My first job was in a failing school in Brooklyn ... In a place where I broke up fights by the hour, and confiscating weapons was a regular occurrence. I managed to keep those kids safe ... Where's the measure for that? We do much more than get kids to pass tests!

— Tracy Agoglia-Goldman