May 2012 Issue
April 18, 2012

Freebies: Help squash underage drinking

Source: NYSUT United

Help squash underage drinking

The federal health and human services' Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration offers a free poster, teaching guide, worksheets and a family guide to educate fifth- and sixth-graders about the consequences of underage drinking. The program uses colorful illustrations and comics, quizzes and activities to reach younger audiences. To order the free materials, visit

A good read

Yes! Magazine, an award-winning, nonprofit publication, is offering a free, one-year introductory magazine subscription to eligible educators.

The offer is open to classroom teachers in middle school, high school, colleges and universities and adult continuing education. For more information, including eligibility guidelines, visit

Crafty kids

Suite101, a community-powered web publication, offers a host of educational crafts for kids of all ages. Visit for more information.


The National Association of Rocketry offers educators interested in rocketry an email newsletter and a Rocketry Resource CD-ROM. The e-newsletter, published five times throughout the school year, provides ideas, information, resource links and news. Visit for more information.
Teaching kids about health

Proctor & Gamble offers resources on teaching kids about oral care, puberty, nutrition and more. Individual teaching resources, including classroom-ready programs, games and activities, are available to download. Some education materials must be ordered by the school. For more information, visit

Weird science

Howard Hughes Medical Institute offers several free online resources for science teachers and their students, including a free DVD of their lecture series on Bones, Stones and Genes: The Origin of Modern Humans. The site,, features videos, virtual labs, downloadable posters, teacher guides and much more.