October 2012 Issue
September 24, 2012

NYSUT United on Facebook

Source: NYSUT United

Here's a sample of what people are saying:

My degrees are on the wall in my classroom this year for the first time ever. I decided that it is important for everyone to see our credentials. I also have my three certifications displayed. We are professionals and that is one small but important way to show it. Why not?

— Gretchen Breon

The real issues facing everyday Americans are paying bills, finding work and dealing with the high cost of gasoline and soon, heating their homes. It is not whether teachers have a union.

— Michael Richmond

Last year, in the Business First rankings of students here in NYS, the top 10 schools had an average poverty rate of 4 percent. The bottom 10 schools had an average poverty rate of 55 percent. Instead of investing more money in schools stricken by poverty, we invested hundreds of millions of dollars into more testing. This further analyzes the symptoms of a problem for which we already know the cause ... and that cause is not bad teaching. Good for Chicago teachers for standing strong against ridiculous reforms.

— Michael Modleski