October 2012 Issue
September 27, 2012

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

Source: NYSUT United

NYSUT is offering "See a Bully, Stop a Bully" campaign materials as part of its ongoing effort to help students, parents and teachers recognize and prevent bullying in school and in cyberspace.

Go to www.nysut.org and click on the Social Justice and Labor Center section, to find tips and resources for teachers and parents; a pledge for students; information about the Dignity for All Students Act and comprehensive online links. You'll also find a printable 8.5" x 11" flyer, 11" x 17" poster, and more.

Another resource is a model lesson plan, "Bullying: Language, literature and life," based on the work of human rights defender Jamie Nabozny, as part of NYSUT's Speak Truth to Power project.

Find links for a web page that deciphers "chat acronyms" and "text message shorthand" at www.netlingo.com, and an interactive game with tips to help stop online bullying at http://www.cyberbullying.com.