April 2013 Issue
March 27, 2013

Short takes: Study: SLOs done right can improve student learning

Source: NYSUT United

When it comes to Student Learning Objectives, a new five-year study underscores what union members have been saying all along: Teachers need the time, tools and professional development to create high quality SLOs.

The federally funded study analyzed 4,000 SLOs developed by teachers in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in North Carolina. The study, conducted by the non-profit Community Training and Assistance Center, found teachers grow annually in their ability to develop quality SLOs. It generally took about three years for teachers to be comfortable with the process.

NYSUT VP Maria Neira said the report reinforces that high quality SLOs use multiple measures of student learning and are not dependent on standardized tests.

"SLO's have great potential if they're done right," Neira said. "Unfortunately, that's not what New York is doing in this first year of implementation."