January 2013 Issue
December 18, 2012

DeWolf leaves stellar legacy at NYSUT

Author: Deb Ward
Source: NYSUT United

When Gerard "Gerry" DeWolf retires later this month as counsel to the NYSUT president, he leaves an unparalleled legacy of 42 years of dedication to NYSUT, its members and the practice of labor law.

"An organization's credibility is its most important asset," said NYSUT President Richard Iannuzzi, "and Gerry ensured that at every turn, we adhered to the highest ideals of the law." He paid tribute to DeWolf's steadfast integrity and stellar legal expertise as counsel to the NYSUT president, a position he assumed in 2005 after serving as NYSUT special counsel.

NYSUT General Counsel Richard Casagrande praised DeWolf's work ethic: "No one could outwork or out-lawyer Gerry. His commitment to the members and their union was complete." DeWolf defended NYSUT members against civil rights and employment violations and fought to uphold the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the National Labor Relations Act and others.

DeWolf, who is looking forward to more time with his wife, Denise, and their daughter, Kaitlin, said he was "humbled and honored" by the opportunity to serve NYSUT. He described retirement as a change of venue: "The work of this great union continues," DeWolf said, "and I will always be an advocate for NYSUT Gerard "Gerry" DeWolf members."