January 2013 Issue
December 20, 2012

Short takes: Mold presents serious problem in flood areas

Source: NYSUT United

Jack Caravanos, CUNY professor of environmental health and a member of the Professional Staff Congress, said homes ravaged by Superstorm Sandy are "ideal" for a mold explosion unless they are properly dehumidified.

Mold can cause or exacerbate asthma, create upper respiratory irritations, cough, headaches and malaise.

Find out more from the Environmental Protection Agency at www.epa.gov/mold/moldguide.html or www.epa.gov/mold/mold_remediation.html for larger spaces. Residents should use an EPA-registered, non-toxic solution to fight remaining indoor mold, and treat hidden areas such as crawlspaces and closets. Basements and attics can be treated with special foggers, available for rent at home improvement stores.

Stress mastery guide geared toward teachers

Wish you had a prescription for stress? The Teacher's Ultimate Stress Mastery Guide by Jack Singer promises "77 proven prescriptions to build your resilience" in the demanding and changing world of teaching. The book explores skills teachers can use to deal with challenges, such as keeping order in the classroom, making classrooms a fun place to learn and starting new practices.

The book includes success stories, strategies and examples based on cognitive and resilience theories used by psychologists and counselors. The book is positioned like a lesson plan, with learning objectives, commitments, goals and action plans.