March 2013 Issue
February 28, 2013


Source: NYSUT United

In print:

Haydee Rodriguez, United Federation of Teachers, wrote Do You Know Where You Live? The colorful, children's book reinforces the importance of children knowing their home address and how to communicate that information in an emergency. The book includes a chart for children to practice writing their address and a carry card to keep in a backpack. For more information, or to order a copy, visit

Herbert L. Foster, UUP Buffalo Center retiree, has released his book, Ribbin', Jivin', and Playin' the Dozens (2nd ed): The Persistent Dilemma In Our Schools in an e-book format and as a Book on Demand. The book describes and discusses black male street corner language and behavior to empower teachers to put a stop to the disproportionate referral of black males to special education or as discipline problems. To order, visit; the book is also available at

C. Carl Pegels, UUP University at Buffalo retiree, has published two e-book volumes that celebrate the contributions by the Dutch in the early years of the nation and New York state. Prominent Dutch American Achievers: Government, Military, History and Philosophy and Dutch American Achievers: Arts, Science and Sports are available at the Kindle store. Contact for information.

Denise Gelberg, Retiree Council 45, wrote Fertility: A Novel, a complex love story about an infertile workaholic attorney and a doctor who's allergic to commitment. The e-book is available for download to an e-reader, computer, tablet or iPad. To download, visit For the Kindle version, visit