November 2013 Issue
- National Board Certification, Professional Development
October 29, 2013

Revised process streamlines National Board Certification

Source: NYSUT United

The process for achieving National Board Certification will become less cumbersome, thanks to revisions that will help teachers better balance cost and time.

"The revisions will help members who want to pursue National Board Certification overcome the hurdles posed by professional and personal responsibilities during the intensive certification cycle," said NYSUT Vice President Maria Neira, who serves on the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

The revised certification process begins in the 2014-15 cycle and applies only to first-time candidates. It allows candidates to set their own pace by paying for and submitting components over time.

The total cost of certification is expected to decrease to about $1,900, with each of the four components costing no more than $500, resulting in approximately $600 in savings. Candidates have the option to pay for each component as it is taken.

"Though the process is changing, our principles remain the same. This means the Five Core Propositions, the National Board Standards and the Architecture of Accomplished Teaching will not change," according to a letter by NBPTS President and Chief Executive Officer Ron Thorpe and Chief Operating Officer and NBCT Andy Coons.

"National Board Standards will continue to be written by teachers, for teachers. Certification will remain performance-based and peer-reviewed, with the same emphasis on reflection and student learning," the letter states.

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