February Issue
February 03, 2014

Letters: Commissioner doesn’t pass muster on Common Core

Source: NYSUT United

At no other time in our educational history do we find administrators, teachers, parents and students uttering the same consensus — implementation of the Common Core curriculum is flawed; testing is excessive; and test scores are wrongly given more importance than the process of learning.

Yet, effective alternatives with genuine classroom solutions are falling on deaf ears.

At a forum last fall, parents became agitated. State Education Commissioner John King Jr. took offense at their statements and cancelled future forums.

This act was an eye-opener into the commissioner's character and integrity. When a person in a leadership role resorts to dictatorial decision-making, one has to question his competence and motive.

If not for the outcry over the cancellations, the public would have had no opportunity for input. Should King be impervious to the statements and concerns of parents, students, teachers and administrators?

Commissioner King focuses on his opinion with little regard for the experience and knowledge of administrators, teachers, parents and students. He hides from criticism. He disregards experienced educators' observations and ignores parents' statements and concerns regarding the rollout of Common Core.

Put simply, the commissioner, when put to the test, has failed.

Cynthia Graham | Watertown


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