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July 04, 2014

Give us a piece of your mind

Author: By Kara Smith
Source: NYSUT United
your voice
What do you want from your union? NYSUT leaders are asking that critical question as part of a sweeping statewide campaign to get your feedback.

Let us know.

Send us your comments online at www.nysut.org/yourunion, or send an email to united@nysutmail.org. Let your union hear about your needs and expectations.

"NYSUT's roots are as a member-driven organization," said NYSUT President Karen Magee. "That means hearing from members about what they want from their union."

A statewide survey of members will be part of an aggressive campaign to hear from you about what more you need from your statewide union, and what values the union should reflect going forward.

Other efforts include comment cards distributed at NYSUT conferences, a survey of delegates to NYSUT's Representative Assembly and a survey of local leaders, emails and comments posted on www.facebook.com/NYSUTUnited.

"We want to hear from everyone — pre-K-12 educators, public and private higher education faculty and staff, retirees, our members who work in health care, child care and human services and for municipalities," said Magee.

"The more specific your suggestions are, the better."

Since the information will be used to shape NYSUT's strategic plans, hearing feedback from all constituencies is vital, she said, noting that comments from subgroups within constituencies are also important.

"For instance: bus drivers, teaching assistants and cafeteria workers are all classified as School-Related Professionals, yet their responsibilities are very different," said Magee.

"We are a union of many voices, and we want to hear from them all."

Findings from the unionwide survey will be published in NYSUT United this fall.

What do you want from your union?

We first posed that question on Facebook. Here's what you're saying:

Be a powerful support for all the thousands of NYSUT members, present and retired.

Everyone knows that there is strength in numbers. Speak truth to power!
— Margaret Flood Nolan

The APPR and Common Core have to be revamped. Teachers are overwhelmed and we are looking for our leadership to lead the path in making change happen. We have special area teachers in our district giving pre- and post-assessments to 300 students. That is ludicrous!!
— Tim Hamblin

We need to endorse a progressive candidate for governor. We need leadership that takes its direction from the rank and file. We need more political action.
— Gabriel Smith

Continue your great support of us retired members!
— Christine Doolittle

Fight to get rid of any value-added component in APPR. It is just poisoning the whole teaching profession.
— Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski

An organizing union.
— Betsy Marshall

I would like to see stronger and more timely responses to issues that affect us. Less diplomacy. It's time for a line in the sand.
— Josephine Libassi

Taking action on excessive and destructive testing, and teacher evaluation based on illogically created tests, this is very important. We must speak up about the evaluation system which is poorly thought out.
— Tina Ferraro

Effective action against what is destroying public education.
— Mary Lyons Dolan

Share With Us

If you receive a phone call from NYSUT's polling center, please share your thoughts. It is an ideal opportunity to let your union hear what your needs and expectations are.

You can also comment online at www.nysut.org/yourunion, or send an email to united@nysutmail.org.