July - Aug Issue
July 03, 2014

Groups issue call to keep Social Security offices open

Source: NYSUT United

The Alliance for Retired Americans and its coalition partner Social Security Works are working to stop the forced closures of dozens of Social Security offices.

The groups recently gathered 95,000 signatures on a petition directing Congress to provide full funding to the Social Security Administration (SSA) and keep Social Security offices open.

The SSA is in the midst of the largest five-year decline in field offices in its 79-year history. Budget cuts have led SSA to close 64 field offices and 533 temporary mobile offices since 2010. The SSA has shed some 11,000 workers in the past three years and continues to reduce or eliminate a variety of services.

The Alliance for Retired Americans is made up of retired union members who advocate for a progressive political and social agenda that respects workers and strengthens families. To find out more, visit retiredamericans.org.