March Issue
March 05, 2014


Source: NYSUT United

From Common Core to the Super Bowl, here’s a sample of what they’re saying on Facebook: 

• Trying to implement [Common Core] is just going too far. We have a special needs child and they do what is called bubble quizzes in math. They have 5 seconds to do each example. Our child needs at least 10 seconds to process what has just been explained to him. Oh, I forgot to mention he is only in kindergarten. He has ADHD, ODD, and Apraxia, so how do they expect these kids to learn at the same rate as others?

— Leila Fernett

• My high school advertising and marketing students watch the greatest Super Bowl commercials, discuss what makes them successful, then create their own commercials using video cameras and video editing software. And they complete an analysis of the commercials during the game.

— Susan Montague Ehrlich