March Issue


It’s an honor

William A. Powell, United University Professions Environmental Science and Forestry chapter, was named 2013 Forest Biotechnologist of the Year by the Institute of Forest Biotechnology. Powell was nominat­ed because of his “pioneering work, leadership and outreach using bio­technology to restore the American chestnut.” He has worked to develop an American chestnut tree that re­sists disease so the tree will retain all the traits of a typical American chestnut tree but also be able to sur­vive chestnut blight.

In print

Camille LoParrino, United Federation of Teachers retiree, wrote Dancing in the Street: A Journey of Wellness. Inspired by her diagnosis with Type 2 diabetes, LoParrino took control of her health through a com­bination of de-stressing, exercise and nutrition. She shares her journey in the book available through Our Little Books,, or at

Steven Schneider, UFT, wrote his second edition of How Parents Can Help Kids Improve Test Scores. The book helps parents and teachers navigate through the maze of newly developed state standardized tests in reading and writing. For more in­formation, visit the publisher at The book is also avail­able at