April 2015 Issue
March 25, 2015

When the governor won’t come, #CardboardCuomo will do

Author: By Rebecca Miller
Source: NYSUT United

He pushes his so-called reform agenda for education at political events across the state, but never stops in to face the educators whose effectiveness he slams and whose dedication he questions.

Thousands have sent tweets, using the hashtag #invitecuomo, and post­cards to Gov. Cuomo inviting him to visit their schools — hoping that, if he spent a day in their classrooms and hallways, he would see the reality of what students and teachers face every day. He has yet to accept a single invitation.

In February, Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake teachers decided to take a life-size cardboard cutout of the governor on a tour of their district, documenting his day with a Facebook gallery that has been shared more than 300 times.

Now #CardboardCuomo is popping up around the state — attending educa­tion forums, observing a physical education class in rural Cincinnatus and checking out two robots built by the Great Neck High School Robotics Team.

Where will he turn up next? Visit www.facebook.com/NYSUTUnited to find out, or to post your own #CardboardCuomo photos.

What our members said:

My rural school would love a visit from Cardboard Cuomo. He needs to see how his drastic cuts are hurting low-income families!

— Arron B., Pembroke Teachers Federation

Let's sit Cardboard Andy down for the weeks of prep and the actual ELA and math tests! He can come take his tests in my room!

— Kathryn C., Ithaca Teachers Association

I'd like Cardboard Cuomo to take part in the discussion we had in my 7th grade ELA classes ... My students were frustrated and (rightfully) questioning a "correct" answer. I'd like him to ex­plain to my students why, even though they were able to produce viable evi­dence for another answer, their deeper thinking didn't matter because on ELA there's only one way to look at a text.

— Karla M., William Floyd United Teachers