Fall 2015 Issue


Source: NYSUT United

No school nurse? No excuse!

I was unaware that school nurses are not mandated by New York state. ("Nurse essential in every school," July/August 2015, NYSUT United.) Appalling!

Districts in my area say one must be an RN in order to be a public school nurse. Why?! LPN salaries could be less than an RN and wouldn't it be better to have an LPN than no nurse at all?

All New York state schools should be sent the letter about Rory Staunton. They should not be allowed any excuses for not having a nurse.

Ruth A. Burlew | Spencer-Van Etten TA

A time of change, for the better

To my democratic friends and all other people,
What do I see in America's future?
This will be the time when populism and social change will again change our world.
This will be a great time in history as Hillary Rodham Clinton takes hold of the ship sailing in the wrong direction and turns it around.
This will be the time of America's greatest populist movement of our time.
This will be the time when Americans remember their stewardship and the children.
This will be the time when all people have a chance to reach for their God-given potential.
This will be the time and the legacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton!

Kim Olsen | via email

A dime of thanks, a rich reward

I was a substitute bus driver on a route a few years ago. As the elementary schoolers boarded, each took a step back to look at the bus number again. All had the same question on their minds: "Does he know where I live?" I was nearing the end of my run and had one kindergartner left. I stopped outside his house and opened the doors. Before I could say, "Wait for my signal," he put a dime in my hand and said: "Thank you for getting me home."

That dime sits next to my watch to remind me how important my job is.

Tom Bartz | Alexander Service Employees Association

Editor's note: This letter first appeared in the September issue of Reader's Digest.


  • Even if teachers have more input, using standardized test scores to evaluate teachers is morally and ethically WRONG. — Colleen McCluskey Hassen
  • Campbell [Brown], you don't give a damn about public education. Your so-called "reforms" are nothing but a money-making scheme for you and your hedge fund buddies. There is no "crisis" in public education, other than public tax dollars being funneled into private and religious charter schools. Teachers and their unions are being demonized. You are the real enemy. — Linda Horowitz Johnson

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  • When public Ed is under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back! #Bad4Schools #ShutDownCampbellBrown — Alex Deane
  • Business leaders, listen to voices of those who want to maintain vibrant public schools, not #Bad4Schools Brown. @nysut @AQE_NY @Unity_Today — Martin Daly
  • Trusting C.Brown with Ed. is like asking my 5yo for financial advice; neither are qualified #bad4schools @nysut @Grubiak_ @AndyPallotta — Smark @MrChiarieri