September 2016 Issue
September 29, 2016

NYSUT calls for comments on new draft NYS Standards

Source: NYSUT United


State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia said the draft standards were recommended by two committees comprising more than 130 educators and parents. The review committees recommended changes to 60 percent of the English standards and 55 percent of the math standards. She described the revised standards as "goals" for students to reach.


NYSUT President Karen E. Magee said the state's draft represents a good start in the long process to set new New York Standards.

"The next steps, however, are crucial to getting this right: Parents and educators from throughout the state will have the opportunity to review this draft and help determine whether they fully meet the needs of educators, school districts and, most importantly, students. The state's fidelity to that process is essential if the state is to win back the trust and confidence of parents and educators."

What's at STAKE:

NYSUT Vice President Catalina Fortino said New York teachers worked with SED over the summer, reviewing standards to ensure age and developmental appropriateness; that the standards addressed the needs of English language learners and students with disabilities; and that they are aligned with what students are expected to know and be able to do in each grade. In response to educators' concerns about age appropriateness for pre-K-2 students, Elia said an Early Learning Task Force will further examine that issue, along with how to incorporate the importance of play.

What's NEXT:

The new draft learning standards are available on SED's AIMHighNY website for public review and comment. To comment on specific ELA or math standards, download the grade level you want to comment on and then complete the survey questions. Comments can be submitted individually or as a group. SED will work with BOCES to encourage schools to host regional forums to provide comments on the recommendations.

Final revisions will be presented to the Regents Board for its consideration in early 2017.