May 2016 Issue
- English Language Learners
April 27, 2016

ELLs focus of latest Educator's Voice

Source: NYSUT United

Educator's Voice CoverNYSUT has recently published Educator's Voice Volume IX: English Language Learners: A Mosaic of Languages and Cultures.

Educator's Voice is NYSUT's online journal of best practices in education, dedicated to highlighting research-based classroom and school/districtwide strategies that make a difference in student learning and development.

In this latest issue, authors share how they engage their English language learners (ELLs) in activities that boost both their academic knowledge and linguistic skills, crucial in this era of increased rigor.

Volume IX highlights 11 groups of educators whose work with language learners ranges from prekindergarteners to high schoolers on the road to graduation.

"This volume is about sharing insights into the realities that our English language learners experience as they progress through our school systems," said NYSUT Vice President Catalina Fortino. This collection of best practices and thoughtful innovation will help all teachers educate and play to the many strengths that ELLs bring to the classroom.

Three authors are featured on the Educator's Voice page on the NYSUT website. Zoila Tazi Morell (who published with North Rockland Teachers Association member Alma R. Aponte) shares her district's approach to identifying emergent biliguals in pre-K. In her video, Katya Kats, Cohoes TA, discusses how her district integrates all families into the school community.

United Federation of Teachers member Rose Reissman shares how her school uses current events and social justice to tap into students' expertise.

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