March 2017 Issue

Letters: Don't lose sight of the big fights ahead

Friends of public education lost a big battle with Betsy DeVos' confirmation as education secretary. Yet, despite our disappointment, it's important not to lose sight that the bigger fights lie ahead at the state and local levels.

Public education activists must encourage state legislators to reject any effort to defund our already underfunded public schools. State legislators need to say no to voucher programs that benefit unaccountable and non-inclusive private, parochial and charter schools.

Only public schools are committed and required by law to teach all of our country's students regardless of circumstances.

Perhaps the greatest concern of all for friends of public education is the Nov. 7 election and the vote to determine whether New York will hold a constitutional convention. Any progress made in public education, environmental protection, collective bargaining, pensions and social welfare could be reversed if a constitutional convention convenes.

Carolyn Faggioni, Sewanhaka Federation of Teachers