June 2017 Issue
June 01, 2017

You can help defeat ConCon

Source: NYSUT United

New York's political insiders are throwing a party, and we aren't invited.

In November, voters will be asked to decide if New York will hold a convention to rewrite our constitution. This "Politicians' Convention" would be a multi-million dollar boondoggle funded by our tax dollars ... and would give Albany insiders and special interest groups the opportunity to change our state constitution to benefit themselves.

There is something YOU can do about it.

NYSUT's political team has established a dedicated action fund called the No NY Convention Fund. Contribute NOW at mac.nysut.org/donate to help us fight back!

"The challenge is that relatively few New Yorkers understand what a constitutional convention would mean, let alone what would be at risk," said NYSUT President Andy Pallotta.

"Your contribution to the No NY Convention Fund will help us get the word out about the risks and ensure New York avoids this terrible mistake!"

Help spread the news that a ConCon — funded by taxpayers and attended by double-dipping political insiders — would threaten public education, organizing and bargaining rights, and a secure retirement for millions of New Yorkers. (See related article.)

Visit nonewyorkconvention.org for more ideas to help defeat the referendum on Nov. 7!

NOTE: Contributions to the No NY Convention Fund are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.