October 2017 Issue
October 24, 2017

Fighting for you

Source: NYSUT United

The clock is ticking

On Nov. 7, New York voters will be asked to decide whether a convention should be held to rewrite our state constitution. This "Politicians' Convention" would be a multi-million dollar boondoggle funded by our tax dollars ... and would give Albany insiders and special interest groups the opportunity to change our state constitution to benefit themselves.
The vote is just days away! Contribute now to the No NY Convention Fund to help us get the word out about the risks of a "Politicians' Convention" and ensure that New York doesn't make this terrible mistake! Donate online at mac.nysut.org. And, on Nov. 7, be sure to turn your ballot over and vote NO on Proposition 1

Support adjuncts during Campus Equity Week

Support adjuncts during Campus Equity WeekDid you know that the average adjunct professor earns about $2,700 per course, or about $21,000 annually? Or that many adjunct faculty don't have access to health insurance, sick leave, or even office space?

These and other issues are the inspiration for Campus Equity Week, an annual campaign started nearly 20 years ago to highlight workplace inequality in higher education. CEW 2017 takes place the last week of October, with a national day of action slated for Tuesday, Oct. 31.

Organizers selected the theme "Mask4CampusEquity" to highlight the workplace inequalities "masked" behind the gravitas of higher education and campus life.

Educators are encouraged to stage arts-centered actions on Oct. 31 and throughout the week to raise awareness about workplace inequalities on their campuses.

Plan your project

Visit Mask4CampusEquity.com for a CEW 2017 toolkit, project suggestions and details about the many challenges facing adjunct professors in higher education. The toolkit offers a downloadable logo, masthead, bookmarks and an order link for union-made, CEW stickers and buttons.

Fix APPR, once and for all

With the moratorium on the mandated use of student tests in teacher evaluations now in its third year, it's essential to fix the state's failed Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) system.

Take action now at NYSUT's Member Action Center — mac.nysut.org — to tell the Regents to support a meaningful teacher evaluation system that works for teachers, students and parents!

Urge the Regents to build on the progress of the last three years and institute a meaningful teacher evaluation process that:

  • returns teacher evaluations to local control;
  • eliminates the requirement for student test scores to be used in teacher evaluations; and
  • promotes teacher development and support.