November/December 2021 Issue
October 25, 2021

NYSUT Legacy Fund honors lifelong union activist Richard Mangino

Source: NYSUT United
richard mangino

To the members of the Pioneer Faculty Association, Richard Mangino is a union legend.

Although retired since 1996, Mangino, RC 3, has long served as a mentor to in-service PFA leaders.

And when asked to attend an arbitration hearing earlier this year, about contract language he wrote in 1972, he generously testified alongside other witnesses. The local won the arbitration and former PFA president Carolyn Richards attributes the victory to “having the author of the original language on hand to interpret it.”

The PFA thanked and formally recognized Mangino at an executive board meeting. But when they heard about the NYSUT Legacy Fund, they agreed that honoring him with a legacy award was a perfect way to further show their appreciation. “He shows the importance of being union strong, as well as the importance of contract language,” said Richards, who believes that Mangino’s willingness to help the local brought greater unity to their membership. “His work is a lesson for all unionists.”

To honor an in-service or retiree activist from your area, visit The fund recognizes honorees at three contribution levels.

All donors receive a letter of thanks for their contribution.

  • $250 — Honorees receive a NYSUT Legacy Fund pin, keychain and coin; and a certificate of recognition.
  • $500 — Honorees receive all $250-level benefits and a mention in NYSUT United.
  • $1,000 — Honorees receive all $500-level benefits and recognition at the annual NYSUT RA.