November/December 2021 Issue
October 25, 2021

NYSUT Pipeline helps unionists get elected

Source: NYSUT United

Despite the constantly changing landscape of COVID-19 and the delta variant, “NYSUT’s political operation has been hard at work doing what it does best — winning elections,” said President Andy Pallotta.

The union’s Pipeline Program continues to grow — focused primarily on recruiting, training and running NYSUT members for elected office. The general election on Nov. 2 will be another chance to show how it works.

This year, 20 NYSUT members are running in all corners of the state, for local offices ranging from city council to town supervisor.

NYSUT’s regional political organizers work closely with the candidates to ensure they have all the tools needed to be successful.

In addition, NYSUT is supporting the work of the Monroe Community College Faculty Association in backing 17 endorsed candidates in Monroe County.

“As you know, these races are crucial to our sisters and brothers in higher education, and we are happy to be joining with them to ensure the success of their endorsed candidates,” Pallotta said. NYSUT’s involvement in county legislature races also extends to Erie, Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Several spouses of NYSUT members and at least one member of the union staff are running for office, as well.

Some races include:

  • Sunny Aslam, UUP, running for Onondaga County Legislature;
  • Christina Calarco, Auburn TA, Cayuga County Legislature;
  • Terry Cuddy, Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES TA, Auburn City Council;
  • Megan Comerford, Frontier Central TA, Hamburg Town Council;
  • Jill O’Malley, Faculty Federation Erie CC, Tonawanda Town Council;
  • Howard Maffucci, (former member), Monroe County Legislature; and
  • John Baynes, Fairport EA, Monroe County Legislature.