September/October 2021 Issue
August 21, 2021

Union, pediatricians launch back-to-school ad campaign

Source: NYSUT United
Caption: A joint ad campaign of NYSUT and the NYS American Academy of Pediatrics is encouraging the return to full-time, in-person learning.

NYSUT and the NYS American Academy of Pediatrics have launched a statewide television and digital advertising campaign to highlight the importance of ensuring all students safely return to in-person instruction in the fall.

The ad, titled “Let me Show You,” focuses on the benefits of in-person learning — hands-on instruction, social interaction and extracurricular activities — with health protocols in place and agreement among educators and public health experts that in-person learning can be done safely.

See the 30-second ad at It will air in all regions of the state through mid-September.

“We know the best place for students to learn is in the classroom, and every student deserves access to full-time, in-person instruction this year,” NYSUT President Andy Pallotta said. (See article, page 14) “We support the protocols recommended by health experts, including pediatricians and state education officials.”

“In-person education is critical for every child’s social and educational development,” said Dr. Warren Seigel, chair, NYS American Academy of Pediatrics, District II. “We want parents to understand that this can be done in a safe way when schools layer critical health strategies.”

The ad is funded by a grant from the American Federation of Teachers as part of the national union’s nationwide “Back to School for All” initiative championing a return to five-daysa- week in-person instruction in all schools. More information on the AFT campaign can be found at