September/October 2021 Issue
August 22, 2021

NYSUT-backed bills signed into law

Source: NYSUT United

Earlier this summer, some significant union-supported bills that passed both houses of the Legislature were enacted into law.

Public employers are now prohibited from penalizing employees who use sick leave or compensatory time to quarantine, seek medical treatment, or take other absences related to a COVID-19 diagnosis or contact.

The law builds on other employee protections NYSUT achieved since the start of the pandemic, including guaranteed paid leave for employees quarantined due to the coronavirus and guaranteed time off to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Special Act schools, which provide services for students who have disabilities, illnesses or behavioral challenges, will be reimbursed for pandemic-related expenses.

The state Teachers’ Retirement System may now accept alternate methods of tracked mail to submit forms and applications. Previously, TRS members had to use registered or certified mail via the U.S. Postal Service.

Since the last time the law was amended in 2003, other methods of tracking mail have been established that are comparable and often more convenient for members.