July/August 2022 Issue
June 19, 2022

NYSUT Legacy Fund: Jim Carforo, gone but not forgotten

Source: NYSUT United
legacy fund

Within his local and community, Jim Carforo is remembered for his financial acumen, his compassion and support for his colleagues and students, and, as treasurer and later retiree delegate for the Greenburgh Eleven Federation of Teachers, for his union activism.

In 2014, he was instrumental in successfully advocating for legislation that placed public representatives on the boards of Special Acts Schools to protect students and employees. Carforo was also a skilled contract negotiator, known for quickly analyzing facts at the bargaining table and providing helpful breakdowns for fellow negotiators. And he shared his financial acumen beyond the bargaining table. A champion of 403b deferred tax accounts, Carforo held informational meetings about the plans and encouraged members to consider them. He also advised teacher members to transfer from the New York State Employees’ Retirement System into the New York State Teachers’ Retirement System, a move many later thanked him for.

“Even as he succumbed to ALS, Jim remembered his students fondly,” said David Demnitz, Greenburgh Eleven FT retiree, who nominated Carforo for the Legacy Fund. “Those who Jim taught, worked with and loved will always remember him as a truly lovely man.”

To honor an in-service or retiree activist from your area, visit nysut.org/legacyfund.