March/April 2022 Issue
February 19, 2022

GOTV! to win school board elections, pass budgets May 17

Source: NYSUT United
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Our public schools belong to all of us.

They belong to the students, the hard-working families who support them, and the educators and staff who ensure that children from every background have the opportunity to lead fulfilling lives.

New Yorkers need strong public schools to unite us and be the center of our communities. Their votes voice those values in the annual ritual of district budget approval. Fortunately, a recent poll from the National School Boards Association shows that parents and educators are united in this cause. It said 59 percent of voters think funding for public schools should be increased, and 86 percent of those voters would support an increase in funding even if it meant they would pay more in taxes.

It is imperative that union members and communities stand up, speak out and VOTE MAY 17 to show that they support the best interests of our students.

Last spring, the distortion and disinformation that pollutes the political landscape flowed into school board elections and budget votes in a dangerous new way. In districts from many corners of the state, it overturned the fragile balance of community interest and common sense that levels debates over priorities and public education.

NYSUT members need to get involved with their local unions to endorse and elect school board members who support public education, teachers and school staff.

The statewide school budget votes and board elections — for schools not in the Big 5 — are May 17, but the budget preparation process has already begun.

Contact your union representative to find out how you can help. NYSUT even has a pipeline project that can help candidates run for board seats — and win!

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