Professional Development
January 01, 2000

New York State Professional Development Standards

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The Board of Regents adopted state standards for professional development at its January 27, 2009 meeting. The New York State Professional Development Standards were developed by the State Professional Standards and Practices Board for Teaching. The Professional Standards and Practices Board (PSPB), comprised of educators, and business and public representatives, was established by the Board of Regents in 1998 to advise the Regents and Commissioner of Education on issues relating to the quality of teaching and teacher education.

The professional development standards grew out of the PSPB’s concern that, in order to help school districts provide the most effective professional development programs for educators, New York State should adopt statewide professional development standards. The standards reflect the many comments received by the State Education Department during a six month public comment period, which the PSPB used to make revisions and refinements to the Standards. NYSUT commented on the standards and many of NYSUT’s recommendations were incorporated into the final document.

The purpose of the standards is to:

  • Provide a clear vision and definition of high-quality, effective professional development that focuses on local district needs and priorities;
  • Support the professional development planning process used by public school districts; and
  • Align with student learning standards to improve student learning.

The professional development standards focus on ten areas and include a set of quality indicators for each standard.

  • Standard 1: Designing Professional Development
  • Standard 2: Content Knowledge and Quality Teaching
  • Standard 3: Research-based Professional Learning
  • Standard 4: Collaboration
  • Standard 5: Diverse Learning
  • Standard 6: Student Learning Environments
  • Standard 7: Parent, Family and Community Engagement
  • Standard 8: Data-driven Professional Practice
  • Standard 9: Technology
  • Standard 10: Evaluation

Download Full Bulletin (PDF)