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November 01, 2000

High School Credits for Acceleration in Mathematics

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Download: Complete Bulletin. PDF file.

There have been numerous inquiries about what high school credit can be awarded for mathematics courses in grades seven and eight in relation to Regents examinations for Mathematics A (Math A) and Mathematics B (Math B). In the past, students had to pass both the course and the Regents Examination in order to receive high school credit in grades seven or eight.

In keeping with the new Part 100 regulations, the following criteria will be used to determine accelerated high school credits using the new Regents examinations. The credits awarded continue to be a combination of seat time and examinations. Assuming that the student has achieved a passing grade for the course or courses, credits will be awarded when the appropriate Regents examination is passed. In all cases, any state approved alternative assessment for Math A or Math B can be used. The principal may permit individual students with extenuating circumstances, such as illness, to postpone the taking of the Regents examination if they continue in the accelerated program.

Download: Complete Bulletin. PDF file.

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