Middle-Level Education
April 01, 2005

Regents Policy Statement on Middle Level Education

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TO: The Honorable the Members of the Board of Regents
FROM: James A. Kadamus
TITLE OF ITEM: Strategy to Implement the Regents Policy Statement on
Middle-Level Education
DATE OF SUBMISSION: January 20, 2005
RATIONALE FOR ITEM: Implementation of Regents Policy
STRATEGIC GOAL: Goals 1 and 2


In December, staff presented the revised three-model strategy for the Board's
consideration and identified the modifications that had been made based on the public
comments received between September and December. In January, the document reflected
suggestions by Committee members to correct some inconsistencies in language and to add a
provision for a five-year renewal of approved applications for Models B and C. Based on
comments by the Committee in January, the following changes were made in the three-model

• The Regents Policy Statement on Middle-Level Education adopted in July 2003
has been included as Attachment A.
• On page 3, we added a sentence concerning an overall goal of the strategy to
ensure students are prepared to make the transition to ninth grade, academically
and personally.
• On page 4, we added a Design Principle concerning collaboration with teacher
education institutions.
• On page 5, we added a chart that indicates what continuum of options will be
available to districts and schools as a function of their student performance.
• Under Models B and C, we have clarified that the Regional Superintendents in
New York City are responsible for developing applications for existing schools to
be submitted to the Chancellor for approval. Applications for new schools may
come from either a Regional Superintendent or the Chancellor. In all cases, the
Chancellor on behalf of the district submits the application to the Department.
• Under Models B and C, we have clarified that a district would submit an
application for an individual school.
• Under Model C, we now reference applications for restructuring the full education
program as Model C#1 and applications for specific program enhancements as
Model C#2.
• Under Model C, we have indicated that the Board of Regents will set a limit of 75
applications submitted by districts: 30 for structuring full educational programs
(Model C#1) and 45 applications for specific program enhancements (Model
C#2). We have consulted with the New York City Department of Education, the
Big 4 Cities and other districts about their interest in Model C. The New York
City Department of Education has indicated that it plans to use Model C in a
number of new and existing schools. These schools will all have strong core
academic programs and will ensure that all students have opportunities to meet
the intermediate State learning standards in exploratory subjects, such as in
technology, home and career skills, health, art, music, and second language.
Based on our consultations with districts, we believe that the 75 limit will be
adequate. The Regents will review annually this limit to determine if it needs to
be changed.
• The attachment on possible scenarios has now been labeled Attachment B.
With these modifications to the three-model strategy, the attached document is
submitted to the Board of Regents for approval. A report on assessments in the middle grades
will be submitted separately to the Regents EMSC-VESID Committee for discussion.
VOTED: That the Board of Regents approve the attached strategy to implement
the Regents Policy Statement on Middle-Level Education and direct staff to proceed with
developing the appropriate amendments to the Regulations of the Commissioner and with
initiating the activities the Department has identified to support school districts and their
schools with middle grades in implementation of the strategy.

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Download Full Document. (PDF)