October 18, 2007

NYSUT Health and Wellness Directory

Source: NYSUT Program Services

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Message from the Officers

On behalf of the NYSUT Board of Directors, we are pleased to offer this Health and Wellness Directory. In this age of advanced medical technology, increased life expectancy and the evolving face of retirement as a period of great growth, activity, and vitality, our union remains committed to enhancing the lives of our retired members. The collaborative effort of the NYSUT Retiree Services and Social Services units in researching, writing, and publishing the Health and Wellness Directory is yet another example of that ongoing commitment.

This Health and Wellness Directory is designed to offer you resources to help plan, enhance and enrich your retirement experience and as a quick resource to find needed health-related information and services. The publication is organized into two main parts: an annotated bibliography of health and wellness resources and a resource directory containing contact information where members can find further information on selected health and wellness topics.

The annotated bibliography has been well-researched, carefully screened, and reviewed by a group of fellow NYSUT retirees. These retirees volunteered their time and expertise to review selected resources and offer feedback. Their assistance in evaluating the usefulness and readability of these materials was invaluable.

In addition, this booklet has a fairly comprehensive resource directory containing contact information for selected topics organized into categories: Health and Quality of Life Issues. Though this edition contains a fairly comprehensive listing of health and wellness resources, it is far from a complete listing; NYSUT hopes to update and expand these offerings in future editions. A tear-off page has been provided for readers to suggest topics/resources or to give feedback to be considered in future editions.

In solidarity, we offer our continued best wishes for an engaging, healthy, and most enjoyable retirement.

Download complete directory (1.1mb pdf)

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