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August 05, 2010

NYS Education Department Approved Alternatives to Regents Examinations

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Download complete bulletin. (58k pdf)

New York State Education Commissioner's Regulations Part 100.2 (f) (1)-(6), states: "With the approval of the commissioner, assessments which measure an equivalent level of knowledge and skill may be substituted for the assessments specified in this Part. Alternative assessments for the Regents examinations for global history and geography, United States history and government, comprehensive English, mathematics and the sciences shall meet the following conditions and criteria:

  1. assessments shall measure the State learning standards for the respective content area;
  2. alternative assessments shall be at least as rigorous as the corresponding required State assessment;
  3. alternative assessments shall be consistent with technical criteria for validity, reliability, and freedom from bias;
  4. alternative assessments shall be developed by an entity other than a local school or school district;
  5. alternative assessments shall be available for use by any school or school district in New York State; and
  6. alternative assessments shall be administered under secure conditions approved by the commissioner."

The New York State Education Department (SED) has created a State Assessment Panel consisting of teachers, higher education professionals, and representatives of educational organizations. This panel meets when the SED has received petitions from companies or organizations wishing to have their assessment critiqued by the Panel. Only alternatives to the Regents examinations required for graduation come before the State Assessment Panel for review and recommendation to the Commissioner.

The following alternative assessments have been approved by the New York State Education Commissioner as acceptable for all students for meeting requirements for a local diploma, a Regents diploma and a Regents diploma with advanced designation (depending on year of entry to Grade 9).

The test scores indicated below are the minimum acceptable score(s) that can be substituted for a Regents Examination score for all students who have completed the course of study for the subject.

Download complete bulletin. (58k pdf)

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