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March 11, 2011

Educators Voice IV: Technology Integration

Source: Research and Educational Services
educator's voice technology integration

Education in the 21st century means preparing students to use an ever-expanding array of technological tools to enhance intellectual development, career opportuĀ­nities, as well as local, national and global connections. This is an exciting and demanding challenge, and NYSUT members are leading the way!

This issue of Educator's Voice focuses on a variety of topics - from the use of a particular technology and its impact on one classroom, to the necessity to have a district-wide vision and a sophisticated plan to ensure technology integration is equitable for all students. Authors describe the tremendous impact technology can have on particular students — especially students who are English language learners and students with disabilities - and the importance of professional development that keeps pace with rapidly emerging technologies.

The range of tools that school personnel and students have to gather and produce information is unprecedented in our history. The purpose of this volume is to share our members' expertise in using and integrating these powerful tools.

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