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April 24, 2012

Fact Sheet 12-16: Academic Intervention Services and Students with Disabilities

Source: Research and Educational Services
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Download complete bulletin. (111k pdf)

As of September 1, 2000, school districts are required to provide academic intervention services (AIS) to students who score below the state designated performance level on state assessments and/or who are at risk of not achieving the state learning standards Students with disabilities must be afforded access to academic intervention services on the same basis as nondisabled students.

This bulletin provides information, in a question and answer format, on the provision of AIS services as it relates to students with disabilities. The information is designed to clarify and enhance guidance provided by the State Education Department in its January 2000 memorandum entitled "Guidelines for Implementing Academic Intervention Services."

Academic Intervention Services

Academic intervention services are services designed to help students achieve the learning standards in English language arts and mathematics in grades K-12 and social studies and science for students in grades 4-12. These services include two components:

  • Additional instruction that supplements the general curriculum (regular classroom instruction); and/or
  • Student support services needed to address barriers to improved academic performance.


Download complete bulletin. (111k pdf)

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