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April 23, 2013

Connect-Ability Blog and Resources

Source: Connect-Ability
Connect-Ability - A blog on disabilities awareness prepared by and for students

Visit the Connect-Ability Blog to see the most recent updates and posts. 

Other Connect-Ability resources:

Connect-Ability is a program to help high school students understand disabilities and disability-related issues. It gives students a voice to share what they know about disabilities and the many people affected by them. If you or a student you know would like to participate in Connect-Ability, email Catharine McHugh at cmchugh@nysutmail.org or call her at 800-342-9810 X6522.

We Need Your Help

To All Students:

I write you from the Connect-Ability summer workshop I’m attending at the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) Headquarters in Latham, NY. 

My reason for writing is to convince you to contribute to our annual newsletter. We are working hard to make inclusion of students with disabilities in every aspect of school and community life a reality. 

We would like to hear from you. 

Connect-Ability is a coalition of high school students of New York state who come together to foster disabilities awareness in our school and communities. Whether the topic is individualized education plans, assistive technology, personal experience or the experience of a friend or relative, there’s always good information and stories to share. 

So come be a part of this service to the community. Learn something yourself and practice you writing skills. 

If you decide to write or draw something, we will be happy to review it at the next editorial board meeting and get back to you with our ideas. Now’s the time to contribute by sending us a story or article that delves into the way a disability has affected your life or others. 

You can email us at cmchugh@nysutmail.org or call us at 800-342-9810, x6522 and talk with Catharine McHugh or Terry McSweeney, our advisors.

Think about it. I am eager to hear from you.

With sincerity,