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July 09, 2013

Lesson Plan: Family and Celebrations - Weddings - LOTE

Source: NYSUT Research and Educational Services

LESSON TITLE: Family & Celebrations: Weddings

TEACHER: Linda Zusman

GRADE: 7-8 (may be adapted for 9-12)

SUBJECT: Languages other than English

TIME FRAME: 2-3 class periods


  • Students will identify similarities and differences in the customs associated with weddings and marriage in the target culture and in the United States by drawing upon their own knowledge and the knowledge of their peers and by accessing authentic materials such as videos, invitations, programs, first person reports, and newspaper/blog articles.
  • Students will reflect upon and cite examples of cultural norms and traditions, both previously identified and new to them, particular to the target country as evidenced in the authentic materials.
  • Students will analyze why specific cultural traditions have developed by relating them to their knowledge of social and economic factors in the target countries (e.g.: sponsors for different parts of the wedding as part of a Hispanic tradition).
  • Students will demonstrate their understanding of these traditions through discussion, shared experiences, and the creation (depending upon skill level) in the target language of a wedding invitation and program, formal announcement, and/or newspaper report of a wedding in the target language.

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