Community Schools
October 23, 2013

Community Schools

Source: NYSUT Communications

What's a community school?

Community schools are neighborhood public schools that address the needs of students in a holistic way - not just their academic achievement, but their overall health and well-being. Using the school as a hub, community schools integrate services, coordinate with partners and use existing government funding to meet students' academic, enrichment, social and health needs - removing barriers to learning and helping students succeed.

Family program fills a new niche: suburban poverty

By Carl Korn - NYSUT United - April 5, 2012

community schools

The Family Resource Center at Kakiat Elementary School in Spring Valley – where many residents commute to nearby New York City -- is filling a niche that is only now emerging on the radar screens of policymakers: the pressing need to address suburban poverty stemming from both the Great Recession and growing immigrant populations outside major cities.

Community schools are removing the barriers to learning

By Lyrysa Smith - New York Teacher - April 9, 2010

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Today, Edison provides a range of services to students and their families, including an after-school enrichment program, a school-based medical center, therapeutic child and family counseling, education and outreach for parents, and student teachers and professional development through a nearby college.

Achievement through community schools at the heart of 'Say Yes to Education'

By Sylvia Saunders - New York Teacher - June 16, 2009

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It's just another round-the-clock day at one of Syracuse's Say Yes to Education buildings, where the term "community school" is the real deal. Tomorrow's before-school programming starts at 7:15 a.m. The extended day, extended year — extended everything — is a big part of the Say Yes to Education private foundation that has taken Syracuse schools under its wing.